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Our Amazing Clients

Our Amazing Clients. Our clients include some of the largest financial institutions, Fortune 100 companies, investment banks and technology-based companies. Our work with them usually is complex and always important. Contributing to their success makes work fun.


Diversity. Differences really do make a difference. A very positive difference. We've been ranked No. 1 among law firms for diversity by Vault five times in the last 10 years.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee. Make no mistake, at MoFo, we believe in doing everything possible to avoid litigation. But if it comes to a fight, fight we will. Vigorously. Our firm is consistently ranked as one of the top litigation practices in the country by The American Lawyer.


Nobody. Nobody does it better — MoFo is synonymous with technology. Our technology practice is a leader. Many of the world's best technology-driven companies make us their first call. We're at one with our inner geek.

The American's Lawyer A-List

The American Lawyer's A-List. Year after year. Reason after reason. There's more to it than revenues and numbers of partners. Ranking among the top firms takes a little something extra — something about a firm's culture and esprit de corps. If you don't believe us, join us and see.

Highly Compensated

Highly Compensated. Sometimes the most rewarding compensation is not financial. Some of our best and most important clients never pay us. We are recognized as among the nation's leaders for our longstanding commitment to pro bono work.


Mel. As in Mel Goldman. If ever there were a lawyer to learn securities litigation work from, Mel's the man.

To Be or Not to Be

To Be or Not to Be. Going public is a defining step. That's why companies considering an IPO seek expert advice. Issuers and underwriters choose our capital markets team, making MoFo one of the most active firms each year for domestic and global IPOs.

The 21st Century

The 21st Century. The 21st century has been called the Asian century. With one of the most extensive Asian practices of any U.S. law firm, this should make us the 21st century law firm.

130 of the Best Lawyers In America

153 of the Best Lawyers in America. Which one will you work for? Probably most of them, actually. At Morrison & Foerster, we work in teams to make the impossible possible every day. So chances are, you'll come in daily contact with some, if not many, of the 153 at MoFo.

Bank on Us

Bank on Us. Many of the largest financial institutions in the world turn to MoFo for advice on bank regulatory matters, including privacy, money laundering, commercial and retail banking, and regulatory capital issues. We have the largest bank regulatory practice in the United States.

Run With It

Run With It. How much responsibility will you have? A small amount more than you think you can handle. This is part of the way we teach and part of the way you'll grow. You will amaze yourself.


Kumbaya. Joining companies together involves more than just a quest for peace and harmony. Our M&A team has the expertise and experience that comes from ranking among the most active U.S. M&A firms and from being an Asian M&A leader.

A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind. The best lawyer we know is our lawyer, Marshall Small — MoFo's General Counsel. Combine one of the sharpest minds in America with exemplary values — you get a leader whose example we strive to follow.


Mojo. Our passion for what we do, how we do it, for whom we do it and with whom we do it. It's what brought us all together and it's what sets us apart from the rest.

Business as Usual

Business as Usual. We apply the same intellectual rigor to each new solution. A tax-motivated product that lets our client be first to market. An unconventional litigation strategy that succeeds where success was unlikely. Innovation is our business.

They Like Us

They like us; they really, really like us. We couldn't be happier than we were when we heard we were named Law Firm of the Year by Structured Products magazine. In 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011 and again in 2012.


R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That's our song. MoFo runs on respect...for our people, for their ideas and for the differences that make us stronger.

Your Style Works With Us

Your Style Works With Us. Everyone works differently. Different hours. Different skills. Different lunch times. Our goal isn't to make you work like we do. We respect different styles here. Within reason, of course.


Tokyo.The American Lawyer calls our Tokyo office a "model for the future" for international firms. We are the largest and most diversified international law firm in Japan. Many of Japan's most substantial and active companies are our clients.


Stability. If you wait long enough, almost everything changes. After all, we are now over 1000 lawyers in 17 offices around the world, and growing. Among the things that won't change: our values and our resolve to achieve excellent results in a professional manner.

Thinking Big

Thinking Big. Our technology and biotechnology clients have something in common — big ideas. With the largest intellectual property department of any full service firm, we're well equipped to protect, and maximize the value of, their ideas.

Our Village

Our Village. In our village, there are little you's, little me's and a gigantic WE. We are what most firms say they try to be — one TEAM.

Gem Polishing

Gem Polishing. Each year, the gems arrive. New lawyers eager to learn. We're eager to help you. Our reputation will be only as good as you turn out to be. Mentoring is essential. We're good at it — our gems sparkle.

What Isn't in a Name-Attitude

What Isn't in a Name—Attitude. If your name is MoFo, taking yourself too seriously isn't an option. If your rock band calls itself the "Mofonics," no chance of pulling off stodgy. That's okay. No point pretending to be what you aren't.