What makes a whole Lawyer?

A few tips for being a successful at MoFo as a new associate:

Intellectual Curiosity

We look for associates who won’t be put off by new things. The work our clients give us is challenging—whether it’s bet-the-company litigation or creating a new financial product—and we welcome the challenge. It’s what gets us up in the morning, and it’s keeps us engaged and excited about what we do everyday. You can’t learn that.

Logical and Creative Thinking

You have a lot to learn. We’re here to teach. But much of what you need as a new lawyer you already have— analytical skills, common sense and imagination. We’ll provide you with the practical experience, advice and expertise—enabling you to master your practice and provide clients with creative and practical solutions. So go right ahead, express opinions, share your ideas…

Attention to Detail

You went to a great law school. You did well. You’re here now, so forget all that. We care about how you perform. Be diligent and thorough. There are no mundane tasks. The work you do matters. It all counts. It’s all part of delivering quality.

A Sense of Ownership

The only associates that make good partners come to the job acting like they are part owners of the firm. What does this mean? It’s understanding early on that all we do reflects on the firm and furthers our commitment to excellence. Understanding that all we do is intended to produce great results fro our clients. Understanding that it’s a profession, but it’s also a service business—we only succeed to the extent that we deliver success for our clients.

Take Initiative; Assume Responsibility

You’ve done exactly what was asked—why stop there? Anticipate. What needs to get done? We’re prepared to rely on you early on. Here you will only be limited by your desire to assume more responsibility. Become a valuable part of deal teams. At different point in your career this will mean different things—but it always begins with doing whatever it takes to get the job done exceptionally well.

Put Yourself in the Clients’ Shoes

Always put yourself in the client’s shoes. Listen intently. Learn their business. Understand their objectives. Elegant or innovative solutions only work if they work for the client.

Giving 150%

Okay, maybe we need to rethink our math. But we don’t need to rethink what we are looking for in the lawyers who join us. We are looking for lawyers who see in themselves the same values and qualities that have made Morrison & Foerster an exceptional law firm for over a century.