At Morrison & Foerster we believe that the firm's greatest asset better be the last person hired. Delivering results for our clients requires the best legal talent. We respond to our clients' legal issues with informed, practical and business-minded advice. Our dedication to providing innovative solutions requires expertise and imagination. We seek lawyers of exceptional intelligence who can think on their feet and are eager to tackle complex problems. During the hiring process, we look for individuals whose academic and other achievements evidence their talent, motivation, energy and creativity.

Our hiring decisions are not based on grades alone. We assess a number of criteria apart from grades in an effort to determine whether a candidate has more — specifically, mojo—that combination of entrepreneurial spirit, drive and confidence that sets MoFo lawyers apart. We assess whether candidates have the potential to perform at the level of achievement and commitment that we and our clients expect

We look for attorneys that are eager to take on significant responsibility early in their careers. At Morrison & Foerster, you will practice with experienced lawyers and learn from them. We are not a hierarchical organization. Our partners, associates and staff work together closely in an informal working environment. We expect that you will make a significant contribution to your team and the matters that you work on. We hope that, like us, you will find accomplishment thrilling, and that you'll discover that finding answers to challenging legal issues is fun.

There is no typical MoFo lawyer. We are a collection of individuals with distinctive personalities and varied interests. We appreciate the wide-ranging interests of our lawyers and foster an environment where their talents can flourish. Our lawyers have diverse backgrounds and experiences. We do share common values. We practice in a collegial environment, where we value teamwork and treat colleagues with respect. Our collaborative approach is reinforced by our partner compensation system, which emphasizes creating opportunity for others rather than client responsibility or originations. We have a shared commitment to high standards and client service. We continue our tradition of service to the legal profession, to the communities in which we practice and to those who cannot otherwise obtain legal representation through our pro bono work. Though we take our work seriously, we remember not to take ourselves too seriously. Whether it's our firm nickname, or the latest Mofonics song, we're reminded that a sense of humor often helps us to stay focused on the important stuff—growing, while preserving the culture that has been a source of strength.