Do you have it too?


We're talking about that MoFo mojo. That certain something that sets a Morrison & Foerster attorney apart.

We're just like many other great law firms in a lot of ways.

Our work is complex. Our standards are high. Our deadlines are never long enough. And, our schedules are, in truth, invariably demanding. And, our lifestyles aren't always stylish.

So, what sets us apart?

There's much more to it than rankings, revenues, number of offices, number of lawyers. That doesn't even begin to tell the story.

It's that something special that can't be measured or counted, but makes all the difference in the world....

Our passion for what we do, how we do it, for whom we do it, and with whom we do it...

it's what brought all of us together, and what we hope brings you to us.

Each year we hire terrific people who appreciate that they will work hard in a great atmosphere that encourages the kind of creativity

that is achievable when gifted lawyers from diverse backgrounds approach their work with intellectual rigor and enthusiasm.

You and Us

Many of you are concerned about career prospects. You are smart, and you've heard a lot about associate lay-offs, small summer classes, the stability of big law firms, and even the bankruptcy of a significant law firm. We know that these concerns tend to reinforce and amplify an all too common cynicism about law firm life. We think that's a shame, and would encourage you to set that aside as you think about us.

Why? Because we believe we are a law firm with a distinctive culture — a firm that's a little different. For over 125 years, we have worked hard to create a distinctive environment. Clients look to us to provide practical, business-minded and innovative solutions. We tackle legal challenges with our clients' business objectives foremost in mind.

That requires a little something extra. It requires that we learn about our clients' businesses, so that we can be able partners in their endeavors. We're excited to hear about a client's new technology or new product or new transaction. We're delighted to work right alongside our clients to help them bring their new idea to fruition, or finance it, or bring it to market, or sell it. We're litigators who are zealously willing to defend our clients — in or out of court. We are trial lawyers, who try cases and win.

Our commitment was built on, and continues to succeed because of, the talent of our lawyers, their innovative approach to the practice of law and the opportunities that we help our clients secure through good times and bad.

We believe we have created an environment where you will have a special opportunity to learn from lawyers who enjoy what they do. None of it has become boring to us. We're just as excited to tackle each new deal or argue each new case as the day we started. Perhaps it is because we see our role a little differently. We think of ourselves as our clients' partners.

We hope you'll be interested in considering the challenge we have to offer. It requires a commitment to excellence, tenacity, and curiosity. Our clients have come to expect that from us, and we demand it of each other. This is a place where you'll find lawyers who share a desire to see you contribute and succeed. We expect that you'll like it here just as much as we do.


We look for individuals with academic and other achievements that evidence their talent, motivation, energy and creativity. Our hiring decisions are informed by grades, but have never been based principally on grades. We're looking for entrepreneurial spirit, drive and confidence.

Second-year law students interested in summer associate positions should check with their career services office or check our website on-campus interview list to determine if the Morrison & Foerster office in which they are interested is interviewing on-campus. We recruit at over thirty law schools and at several job fairs each year. If the office that you are interested in is not interviewing at your law school, please contact us directly.

First-year law students interested in summer associate positions should check with their career services office to determine the date on which you may start applying to law firms for summer associate positions. Usually, that date is December 1st, although at some schools it is December 15th. Then, check with the MoFo office in which you are interested or check our website to determine whether we have openings for first-year law students.

Training & Mentoring

Our summer program is intended to give you a real sense of what it means to be a MoFo lawyer.

The day you arrive, you will have great opportunity and be asked to bear considerable responsibility. We believe direct participation and hands-on experience in engaging client matters provide the most rewarding opportunities. You will work directly with senior associates and partners, either alone or as part of a team with other associates, paralegals, and staff. We expect that you will become an invaluable part of your team. Generally, you will have multiple assignments at once that will require you to set priorities and manage your time effectively.

Our reputation will be only as good as you turn out to be. We are dedicated to training and mentoring. Each summer associate is assigned a partner and an associate mentor. Mentors help integrate summer associates into the fabric of the firm.

We aspire to inspire you. We think that you’ll find the energy and personalities of your new colleagues refreshing. We hope you’ll find their commitment to quality and their dedication to preserving a welcoming environment an example that you will strive to follow.

Offices & Practices

Morrison & Foerster is a global firm with over 1,000 lawyers throughout our 16 offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia. We are one of the leading international firms in Asia, providing integrated U.S. and local law advice. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies, to the largest financial institutions, to the most innovative technology and life sciences companies.

Our dedication to providing clients with innovative solutions requires expertise and imagination. Delivering results and consistent service also requires working together effectively across offices and practices.

Our attorneys all share high standards and a commitment to excellence. No matter which office you summer with, much of your work will involve collaboration among multiple offices and will often be international in scope. Similarly, many matters will call upon the expertise of lawyers in various practice areas.

We have a central assignment system for our summer program permitting us to distribute work based on your interests. Try each practice area in which you have an interest. Many of our summer associates return to law school with a different perspective concerning their areas of interest. That tells us we are doing something right.


We are a collection of individuals with different personalities, backgrounds and experiences. We share the view that our differences make a difference. We value the perspectives that the diversity of our lawyers brings to our firm. We believe that in our open-minded and collaborative environment it is easier for individuals to say what they really think, to conceive new solutions to problems and to embrace fresh ideas.

Morrison & Foerster consistently ranks at the top of surveys addressing workplace diversity, the hiring of minority lawyers and women. We are among the top firms in The American Lawyer's "A-List" rankings of U.S. law firms, which measure associate satisfaction, lawyer diversity and pro bono work. The Vault survey consistently ranks us at the top of diversity rankings for lawyers of color, women, gays, and lesbians.

Our lawyers are graduates of over 90 U.S. and 77 international law schools and are fluent in 44 foreign languages. In 2012, lawyers of color account for 12% of partners, 37% of associates and 44% of summer associates. Women account for 18% of partners, 46% of associates and 46% of summer associates.

Pro Bono

An essential part of the MoFo difference is our tradition of strongly encouraging and valuing pro bono work. Generation after generation of Morrison & Foerster lawyers continues our commitment to the issues of children in poverty, education, civil rights and civil liberties, death penalty, and prisoners' rights, international human rights, political asylum, housing and homelessness and AIDS-related matters.

We treat our pro bono work in all respects in the same manner as our billable work. At Morrison & Foerster, the dedication and the conviction of our lawyers and their exacting standards for pro bono service are a matter of pride.

Our attorneys and staff actively participate in a wide range of community projects and organizations. We established the Morrison & Foerster Foundation in 1986 to make the best use of the firm's charitable resources within our communities. Our partners donate approximately one percent of our annual income to the Foundation.


Part of providing exceptional client service is being able to provide service in a timely and efficient manner. Each practice group has intranet pages posting news and information related to its practice, research resources and practice tools. We also use client, case and matter extranets and other practice support software and online services. The knowledge and expertise of attorneys throughout the firm is accessible through our MoFo Knowledge Exchange, an online repository of useful precedent, and through Answer Base, our proprietary, comprehensive multisource enterprise search engine that accesses results from various firm data sources.

So, now that you have the facts, lets talk some more about you and us.

You know that choosing a firm is an important decision, not to be taken lightly. That's why we encourage you to learn more about us, and think seriously about what you're looking for when you visit law firms. Think about the person you'd like to be next year, but also in five years and in fifteen years.

If we do our job during the recruiting process, we will provide you with a small, but representative, look into life at MoFo. If we do that, you will get a distinct sense of our values and why we think that practicing law is exciting and, even in 2012, still a lot of fun.

But, if it is just a job you're looking for, we invite you to keep on looking. Because we're looking for a new colleague.